exhibiting, computer animation, sketch for computer game, internet, 2003

The bonus (entrance of the museum) is in the center of the scene, surrounded with three hoops (levels). The level is more difficult to overcome if it is closer to the center.
The obstacles are exhibitionists flaunting and flickering the wings of their coats.
The density of the forest and exhibitionists rises with the growth of the levels' difficulties.
The forest of the second hoop (the exhibitionists and the vegetation) is twice denser then the forest in the PARK and the forest of the exhibitionists of the first level.
Then, the FOREST of the second level is much more difficult to tress pas than the forest of the first one.
The frequency of the exhibitionists in the JUNGLE of the third hoop is enormous and so dusky, with so many exhibitionists on the way that any movement is almost impossible.

· This computer game is kind of digital artwork.
· The players can play the game as an interactive game (on TV or internet) on computer, etc…
· One or more players can play the game at the same time
· Characters and the scenes are mostly 3D
· The game should be funny, amusing and not very difficult to play although it is artwork
· There are three levels of the game
THE FIRST LEVEL: the scene is taking place in some kind of the forest. There is a building of the museum in distant plane of the scene, which represents the aim, the bonus of the game. The player has to get into the building walking through the woods. But there are some obstacles. The forest is dense, dark, and some strange character, an exhibitionist, keeps appearing unexpectedly. This character is trying to scare the player by making fanny and ridiculous poses, flaunting, flickering, fluttering, clapping, capering, frisking…The player can overcome those obstacles by avoiding, ignoring, skipping them, or using a special spray, like deodorant to make them disappear
THE SECOND LEVEL: the same scene like in the first level, but the forest is denser and darker, with more exhibitionists that appear more often.
THE THIRD LEVEL: the same scene like in the second level, but the forest is even denser and darker, with more exhibitionists that appear more often.
THE BONUS: getting in the building of the museum


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